Thursday, May 28, 2009

Matt Wieters Facts Day

Friday is going to be Matt Wieters Day at Camden Yards, but that doesn't mean the excitement is going to stop.

That's because next month - Saturday, June 27th - we're going to have Matt Wieters Facts Day. The O's are hosting the Washington Nationals, and the sections up top behind home plate (330-340, focusing on 334-336) will be filled with people wearing their favorite Matt Wieters Facts shirt and cheering on the future Hall of Famer. So go and get your tickets now, and we'll see you at the Yard!

And you can help organize with friends and keep up to date on news by joining Matt Wieters facts on Facebook.

1 comment:

Ian Oland said...

Well I'm definitely down for the game. See you there!!