Sunday, May 24, 2009

O's-Nationals, The Sweep Gets Dunn In

The O's go for the sweep against the Nationals today, with the Birds actually countering the Washington youngster on the mound - Shairon Martis - with one of their own in Brad Bergesen. Martis is 5-0 but has a 4.53 ERA and a 4.63 tRA, while Bergesen is 1-2 with a 5.35 ERA, a 5.29 FIP, and a 6.20 tRA. Despite those high runs allowed figures, this game has a good chance of following the last two as a pitching duel.

Bergesen's control has been pretty good (3.2 BB/9) but not quite as good as I would have expected and not nearly good enough to make up for his lack of strike-outs (4.3 K/9). He's getting a lot of groundballs (56%) but is still giving up 1.34 HR/9.

Top 1:
  • Brian Roberts swings at the first pitch of the game and flies out to left.
  • Adam Jones flies out to left-center.
  • Nick Markakis hits a long flyball to right, but Austin Kearns makes a jumping catch and is able to hang onto the ball as he crashes into the wall.
Bottom 1:
  • Willie Harris doubles into the right-field corner.
  • Christian Guzman grounds out to second, moving Harris over to third.
  • Ryan Zimmerman hits a blooper towards second, with Roberts laying out to make the catch.
  • Adam Dunn grounds out to first. Nice job by Bergesen to keep the Nationals off the board despite the lead-off double.
Top 2:
  • Aubrey Huff lines a double off the wall in right - it was about a foot from clearing the fence for a home run.
  • Ty Wigginton pops out to Adam Dunn in the foul territory near first-base, and Huff shows off his blazing speed by tagging up and taking third.
  • Nolan Reimold strikes out looking. He started off to first-base since the 3-2 fastball was outside, but the ump rung him up.
  • Chad Moeller hits a groundball up the middle, but Guzman is able to get to it and throw him out. Another lead-off double wasted.
Bottom 2:
  • Josh Willingham grounds a single up the middle.
  • Belliard strikes out swinging.
  • Kearns grounds into a double play.
Top 3:
  • Robert Andino flies out.
  • Brad Bergesen hits the first pitch he sees in major league baseball back through the box for a single.
  • Roberts draws a walk.
  • Jones flies out to short right-center.
  • Markakis drives a flyball to deep left-center, and nobody's going to rob him this time. The ball bounces off the wall and Nick is in with a two-run triple.
  • Huff grounds out to second to end the inning, but the O's have taken a 2-0 lead.
Bottom 3:
  • Wil Nieves hits a slow bouncer to the left side, with Wigginton charging to his left to scoop it and make the throw for the out.
  • Martis grounds out to short.
  • Harris squares around to bunt, and Bergesen's pitch bores down and in and hits him in the shin.
  • Guzman strikes out swinging on a good slider inside under is hands.
Top 4:
  • Wigginton flies out to left.
  • Reimold pops out.
  • Moeller hits a flyball to deep left - Willingham keeps going back on it, but it goes over his head and Chad is in with a double.
  • Andino gets the intentional walk to bring Bergesen up.
  • Another groundball up the middle, but Guzman gets to this one. The throw pulls Dunn off the bag though, and everybody's safe.
  • Roberts flies out to left to leave the bases loaded.
Bottom 4:
  • Zimmerman hits a high flyball to the track in center, but Jones is there to make the catch.
  • Dunn pops out to short, though it's Wigginton making the catch with the infield shift they had on.
  • Willingham send Jones back to the wall in center again, but the batter is retired.
Top 5:
  • Jones gets hit on the hand and jogs off to first-base. He looks OK though.
  • Adam gets thrown out stealing second, but the umpire misses the call. Markakis grounds sharply to Dunn, moving Jones to third.
  • Huff hits a groundball through a drawn-in infield to extend the lead to 3-0.
  • Wigginton pops out to first.
  • Reimold pops out to short.
Bottom 5:
  • Belliard flies out to deep center.
  • Kearns drops a double just fair down the right-field line.
  • Nieves lines a double down the first-base to get the Nationals on the board.
  • Martis lines a single to center to make it 3-2. Jones made a string throw to the plate, but Moeller couldn't hang on to it.
  • Harris flies out to left.
  • Guzman grounds out to second to end the inning.
Top 6:
  • Moeller grounds out to third.
  • Andino strikes out.
  • Bergesen is finally retired, on a groundball to third.
Bottom 6:
  • Zimmerman lines a single into left-field.
  • Dunn hits a flyball to deep center, and Jones won't be able to get to this one. He looks up as it clears the fence and gives the Nationals a 4-3 lead.
  • Willingham grounds out to short.
  • Belliard grounds to short.
  • Kearns singles into short right-center.
  • Chris Ray in fromthe pen to face Nieves, and he ends the inning with a groundout back to the mound.
Top 7:
  • Roberts singles to center.
  • Adam Jones got robbed of a home run to center yesterday, so he pulls one today. It clears the fence with plenty to spare, and the O's have retaken the lead 5-4.
  • Ron Villone takes the mound with Markakis and Huff coming up.
  • Nick pops out to third.
  • Huff works a walk.
  • Wigginton flies out to right-field.
  • Reimold draws a walk - that's only his second of the season in 41 plate appearances.
  • Moeller flies out to center to leave a couple stranded.
Bottom 7:
  • Ray gets ahead of pinch-hitter Anderson Hernandez 0-2, but end up leaving a pitch out over the plate that Hernandez lines into right for a single.
  • Harris gets jammed by a fastball inside but pulls it passed a diving Roberts for a single.
  • Guzman drops a nice bunt down the third-base line, though Wigginton is able to throw him out by a step.
  • With first-base open they're going to put Zimmerman on and bring Jamie Walker in to face Dunn. Felix Pie will also come in to play left-field.
  • Adam Dunn hits a high flyball to left that Pie will not have a play on. Grand slam, and the Nationals are back ahead 8-5.
  • Willingham lines out to left.
  • Belliard grounds out to short.
Top 8:
  • Joe Beimel takes the mound for Washington.
  • Fantastic jumping catch by Kearns in foul territory to retire Andino. Actually, it looked better than it was because Kearns overran the ball initially - he didn't really need to jump for it.
  • Pie strikes out swinging.
  • Hernandez makes a diving catch at second to rob Roberts of a hit.
Bottom 8:
  • Mark Hendrickson in to get some work.
  • He gives up a single, but keeps the score at 8-5.
Top 9:
  • Joel Hanrahan in for the save.
  • Adam Jones can't catch up to a 96 mph fastball at the letters.
  • Nick Markakis can't catch up to a 95 mph fastball right down the middle.
  • Huff grounds out to second.
Another Sunday game, another loss for the Orioles. Adam Dunn was the big hero for Washington, hitting two home runs and driving in six. First place Toronto visits the Yard for a series starting tomorrow.

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