Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alternative Theory

A BBTF commenter's thoughts on the extremely ill-advised Scott Kazmir/Victor Zambrano trade between the Tampa Bay (then, Devil) Rays and the Mets:
"Maybe nobody on the Mets approved the trade. Somebody on the Rays called up as a joke and said they were confirming the trade of Kazmir for Zambrano. Since the organization is so disfunctional, everybody just assumed that somebody else with authority had approved the trade, and they said okay, and shipped Kazmir off -- and they have been trying to explain it ever since.

Frankly, that seems a lot more rational to me than believing that anybody on the Mets thought the trade was a good idea."
Oh contraire, dear commenter. Steve Phillips, the New York GM at the time, also picked the Mariners to win 92 games and the AL West this year. He really may have thought it was a good idea.

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