Thursday, August 7, 2008

No More Chad Bradford Scraping The Dirt As A Bird

Kudos to Andy MacPhail on sticking with the plan. Chad Bradford was claimed on waivers by the Tampa Bay Rays (as if they need more bullpen help) and a deal was worked out with a PTBNL coming over to the O's. If the asking price was that low (depending on the N of the P), then it seems a trade could have been made a week ago (before the deadline) and so there would have potentially been more teams involved in the bidding. In any case, I'm anxious to see who they got - considering the Rays' system, they could send over their #23 prospect and he could step right into the O's rotation. At the very least, the O's clear out some payroll (though Bradford may have resulted in at least a supplemental draft pick after next season, which needs to be taken into
account). Who else is on their way out of Baltimore? There are several guys that should pass through waivers (Payton, Mora, Millar, Walker, Ramon, Huff maybe).

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