Friday, August 15, 2008

We've Got Ourselves A Matusz

The O's finally signed first-round draft pick Brain Matusz today. I'm glad it didn't go right down to the deadline, as the two sides weren't all that close in recent days. A major league contract with a $3.2 MM signing bonus was agreed upon, and Matusz should see action in the Arizona Fall League or Hawaiian Winter League. I was hoping for a $3 MM max, but $3.2 isn't that bad and isn't that far above slot. Considering Buster Posey is going to get around $7.5 MM, I'm pretty happy. I would have preferred it not be a ML deal so that the team saved an option (to send him back down to the minors, which they'll now need to use right away) as well as a spot on the 40-man roster. Whatever - dreaming about a Tillman / Matusz top of the rotation is enough for this O's fan today. I guess I can add "Matusz" to the spell-checker on here now, since I imagine I'll be using it quite often in the future.

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