Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This, That, And The Other

Random thoughts while watching the O's-Indians game:

* It's nice to see Anthony Reyes finally getting a chance to show what he can do.

* Nick Markakis is still the man.

* Why is Grady Sizemore (.267/.380/.521, 27 HR, 67 RBI) still batting lead-off? He doesn't have to hit clean-up, but maybe the #2 spot? If he had 100 RBI right now would he be getting more attention as an MVP candidate?

* Guthrie touches 98 (on the stadium gun) in striking out Kelly Shoppach to end a perfect first. How does this guy not have a K/9 above 6?

* How did nobody want Aubrey Huff (.300 BA, 24 HR, 77 RBI) at the trade deadline? Wait, make that 25 HR and 78 RBI. Anyone expecting 25+ home runs from him next year may be slightly disappointed.

* I thought Luke Scott would hit for a bit more power. He's missing a few doubles from his line.

Fast-forward 6 innings as I spend time with my family...

* Hey, the Orioles are winning.

* Jeremy Guthrie is a very good athlete out on the mound, and it just helps show how bad Daniel Cabrera is at fielding his position and the like.

* Did I mention that Nick Markakis is the man? 2-3 with a double and now a walk.

* I actually agree with the bunt with runners on first and second in the top of the ninth up 2-1 with Juan Castro at the plate. Too bad he can't do it correctly, and Ramon gets forced at third. People always argue strategically whether or not to bunt without taking into account how often the bunt isn't put down well.

* You know, it's always nice when a player rewards your faith in them. Nick Markakis singles in the O's third run in the top of the ninth with two outs and a couple on. He may win a batting title one year. Sign the man!

* It's a little hard for me to think of Rocky Cherry as a legitimate major-leaguer. He's no Madison Bumgarner though.

* So, many expected that the O's offense wouldn't be very good this year. 4.9 runs per game I said! Where are they at? 4.9 R/G. These guys can swing the bats a little bit, as they put a four-spot up to extend their lead to 6-1.

* Jeremy Guthrie may not be an ace, but he is this team's stopper. The team needed this type of game after what the past couple have been.

* The O's have a better record than the Atlanta Braves, and about the same record as the Detroit Tigers. And they're still easily in last place in the AL East. They'd be only 4 games out in the NL West (less, probably, if they played the NL teams instead of the AL teams most of the season). Sometimes life isn't fair.<

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