Monday, November 10, 2008

One Big Holiday

As I said in the A's post, Oakland traded for Matt Holliday today.

The A's got:

Matt Holiday, 28 year-old OF, hit .321/.409/.538, 25 HR, .417 wOBA, 123 wOBA+ last year. Good baserunner (28 SB in 30 attempts doubled his career high) and quality defender. One year left until free agency.

The Rockies got:

Greg Smith, 24 year-old LHSP, 4.16 ERA, 5.34 tRA, 90 tRA+ last year. Solid back-or-the-rotation starter. Going into his second year.

Huston Street, 24 year-old RHRP, 3.73 ERA, 3.58 tRA, 120 tRA+ last year. Lost his closer's job but is still a good reliever. Two years until free agency.

Carlos Gonzalez, 22 year-old OF, hit .242/.273/.361, .280 wOBA, 85 wOBA+. Young and talented, but "Matt Holliday" is probably above even his ceiling. Garret Anderson is a comparison I've heard a few times. Going into his second year.

Even with the move from Coors Field to the Oakland Coliseum, Holliday should still be a very good hitter (thought you won't see another 1.012 OPS). Street takes the departing Brian Fuentes' place at the back of the Rockies' pen and Smith slides into the back of the rotation as a Jeff Francis-lite. Giving up the five cost-controlled years of Gonzalez is what hurts, but I've never been all that high on him personally. The A's can turn around and trade him at the deadline or let him walk at the end of the year and get a couple of draft-picks. I can't see the team ponying up $20+ MM a year for him, though I didn't think they'd be willing to pay his $15 MM (or whatever he gets in arbitration) salary for 2009. If the A's think the can contend next year then it's a fine move for them. If the Rockies don't think they can contend next year then this is a good move for them.

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Rad said...

I like Holiday a lot, especially the intesnsity he plays with. I think your right that even with the move away from the thin air up in Coors, he should still put up decent numbers. I thought Street was still a good pitcher even though he lost his closer's job, but you gotta give up talent to get talent. I don't think the A's will break the bank for him, I think Beane will figure a way to elverage his expiring contract into a bigger trade during the season.

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