Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Just Send Me Anywhere To Pitch"

49 year-old right-hander Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd is looking to make a come-back, and he's asking for just 15 minutes to show a team that he's still got it. The "it" he still has is his 4.04 ERA (102 ERA+), I guess. Out of the majors since 1991, Oil Can has been pitching in various semi-pro leagues and having some moderate success.

If the O's didn't already have 37 pitchers to look at in Spring Training, I'd say to give Boyd a shot (if only for the entertainment value, though I think he could be about as effective as Steve Trachsel). Maybe the perennially pitching-starved Rangers (though that may be ending soon) or some team that needs minor league pitching depth will give him his 15 minutes. I would love to see a Boyd - Julio Franco match-up.

I still fondly remember being confused by my "Oil Can" Boyd baseball card - only today did I learn that he got that nickname due to his fondness for beer. It's always nice to see guys just keeping playing because they love doing it - I doubt Boyd will get much of a chance but I wish him luck.

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