Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That Is So Damn Awesome

The previously awesome and increasingly awesomer FanGraphs has added outfield throwing arm value and double play turning ability value to their defensive stats.

[Which reminds me of this, from SMBC:

End digression.]

Nick Markakis had the third best rated arm in 2008, saving 6.8 runs (Hunter Pence was at 8.6, and Matt Kemp was at 8.1). That's over half a win right there. Nick doesn't have the best range in right (it's a little above average) but his arm makes him one of the better defenders out there.

Adam Jones showed a pretty good arm too (3.2 runs), while Luke Scott is properly hidden (relatively speaking) in left (-0.6 runs).

Brian Roberts wasn't good turning two (-2.9 runs) with all the other infielders being about average (well, Juan Castro was -2.6 runs in his limited time).

Felix Pie appears to have about an average arm, but that outfield defense should still be excellent.

Cesar Izturis is about average at turning the double play; so is Ryan Freel (though he seems to have a pretty good arm from the outfield); and Ty Wigginton is ever-so-slightly below average.

I'm going to update the defensive projections for 2009, but the only change looks like it'll be a slight bump for Nick because of his arm. By the way, with this addition Markakis is now rated as the 13th most valuable player in all of baseball last year (6.1 wins, $27.2 M) - right between A-Rod (6.2 wins) and Matt Holliday (6.0 wins). $66 M is a steal.

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