Monday, April 6, 2009

Rangers-Indians, So Does Millwood Get Lee's Cy Young Now?

Cleveland vs. Texas starting now, with popular MVP pick Grady Sizemore leading off against Kevin Millwood. The Indians are the likely favorites in the AL Central, but their rotation is counting on Carl "American Idle" Pavano as their #3 starter. The Rangers are going to slug pretty well, but it's yet to be seen if they can find some pitching.

Top 1:
  • Nice curveball by Millwood gets Sizemore swinging.
  • New Indian Mark DeRosa draws a four pitch walk.
  • Victor Martinez battle Millwood for a long at bat, but eventually grounds into an inning-ending double play.
Bottom 1:
  • Ian Kinsler leading off against Cliff Lee. Flyball to left that Ben Fransisco lays out for (even though he probably didn't have to).
  • Michael Young up next. The announcers are talking about how he's a five time All-Star and won the Gold Glove at short last year, and then was moved to third. That completely ignores that Young as actually not a good defensive shortstop. Groundball to his counterpart for the second out.
  • The Indians have Jhonny Peralta at short, despite Asdubral Cabrera (playing second) is actually the better defender. Oh well.
  • Josh Hamilton grounds out to V-Mart at first to end the inning.
Top 2:
  • Travis Hafner pops at to Young at third. The Indians are going to need a good season from Pronk if they want win 90+ games this year.
  • Peralta pops out to second.
  • Shin-Soo Choo hits it a little further, but Hamilton makes the catch in center.
Bottom 2:
  • Nelson Cruz flies out to center-field.
  • Hank Blalock hits a ball off of Lee's pitching arm (uh oh), and is on with an infield single.
  • Marlon Byrd doubles down the left-field line and the Rangers have something going.
  • Lee gets Chris Davis swinging - Davis missed the fastball and then had his bat go flying into the stands.
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia singles through the right side to give the Rangers a 2-0 lead.
  • Fellow former Braves prospect Elvis Andrus (they both came over in the Teixeira deal, along with a few other guys) making his debut at the age of 20 (boy that makes me feel old). Andrus with a good start to his career, doubling down the right-field line.
  • Base-hit by Kinsler passed a diving Peralta brings in two more - it's 4-0 Texas, and Lee's defense of his Cy Young award isn't starting out so well.
  • Young draws a walk. One big swing and this game might be out of reach for Cleveland.
  • Hamilton hits a flyball to left, but Fransisco is able to track it down to finally end the inning.
Top 3:
  • Kelly Shoppach flies out to start the third.
  • Young with a nice play, charging a slow roller and throwing Fransisco out at first. I imagine he didn't handle too many of those plays at short.
  • Cabrera grounds out to first. Millwood looks pretty good today. He did win an ERA title a few years ago with the Indians.
Bottom 3:
  • Cruz is first pitch swinging, and he pulls a single passed DeRosa at third.
  • Blalock chases a fastball up around his shoulders for strike three.
  • A groundout and a pop-out leaves a runner stranded.
Top 4:
  • Sizemore with a single to right to get Cleveland into the hit column.
  • With Grady running, DeRosa grounds out to short. At least they were able to stay out of the double play.
  • V-Mart singles to left to put runners on the corners.
  • Millwood gets Hafner to ground into a double play to end the inning.
Bottom 4:
  • Kinsler with a two-out double into the left-field corner.
  • Lee gets Young swinging, and ends up striking out the side.
Top 5:
  • Millwood catchers Peralta looking with a big curveball.
  • Choo grounds up the middle, but Andrus shows his range in getting to it behind second base and throwing the runner out at first.
  • Shoppach strikes out swinging at the curveball.
Bottom 5:
  • Hamilton singles up the middle - Lee hasn't looked that good in this game.
  • Cruz singles to right to put runners on the corners.
  • Blalock deep and gone to right. The three-run homer makes it 7-0 Rangers.
  • Lee gets out of the inning without any further damage, but given the way Millwood is cruising it may not matter anymore.
Top 6:
  • Fransisco hits another slow roller, but this time beats it out for a single.
  • Cabrera strikes out swinging.
  • Sizemore looked like he may have beaten out an infielder grounder, but the umpire called him out.
  • DeRosa pops out to end the inning.
Bottom 6:
  • Masa Kobayashi relieves Lee.
  • Young pulls a two-out single through the left side of the infield, but Hamilton flies out to leave him stranded.
Top 7:
  • Hafner with a one-out single to bring up Peralta. The Indians need runs and they need them soon. Luckily for them, Millwood is probably in his last inning.
  • Jhonny flies out, but Choo singles to right to put runners on the corners.
  • Wildpitch by Millwood allows Hafner to come in to score. Pronk actually came down the line surprisingly quickly.
  • Shoppach swings through a fastball and is Millwood's fifth K of the game. 7-1, Texas.
Bottom 7:
  • Hard-throwing lefty Rafael Perez in for Celeveland.
  • He retires the Rangers in order.
Top 8:
  • CJ Wilson takes the mound in the eighth. He was their closer last year, but didn't pitch all that well.
  • 1-2-3 go the Indians, though Sizemore did hit a ball to deep center that Hamilton had to run down.
Bottom 8:
  • Salty with a big home run to left-center field against Jensen Lewis makes it 8-1.
  • A double by Kinsler and a single by Young extends the lead to 9-1.
  • Hamilton singles to put two on, before Lewis is able to end the inning with a K of Cruz.
Top 9:
  • The Indians go down in order in the ninth.
Not the kind of start Cleveland was hoping for, with their ace getting knocked around and the offense sputtering.

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