Monday, January 26, 2009

Community Projections: Adam Jones

Most casual O's fans weren't happy about it at the time, but the Erik Bedard trade turned out wonderfully for the team. The main piece coming over from Seattle (much to USSMariner's chagrin) was center-fielder Adam Jones. Expectations for Jones were pretty high - and he didn't quite live up to them - but it's hard not to be excited about his future.

Jones had some plate-discipline issues, posting a .270/.311/.400 line, with 9 HR, .322 wOBA, 96 wOBA+. He more than made up for it with his gliding defense in center and cannon arm (accuracy not withstanding).

He still has a ways to go to reach those Torii Hunter comparisons, but I expect a bump in OBP and SLG, if not so much with the average:

575 145 32 2 15 41 .273 .325 .425 .331

Considering his defense, that would make Jones an above-average player already. And if he learns not to chase those down-and-away breaking balls and starts hitting the ball in the air a bit more then he might be reaching his ceiling sooner than expected.

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Anonymous said...

thank goodness we got rid of bedard though, what a wonderful season he had in seattle last year :-) its hard to be angry at the results of the trade. Jones is a promising young talent and with him and Markakis i think the future is around the corner. (i don't see a rays year for us though) we simply dont have the pitching even with koji.