Sunday, January 18, 2009

Community Projections: Felix Pie (Now Needed)

Wow, I totally didn't see this coming. I know that there have been Garrett Olson for Felix Pie trade rumors going around for a while now, but no way did I actually think they'd get done.

I'm higher on Olson than some people are, but the consensus from O's fans that I've seen thus far has him as about a 150 IP, 4.83 ERA pitcher next year (worth 1.3 WAR). With him gone, there are even more question marks about the rotation after Jeremy Guthrie and Koji Uehara. The O's also included A-ball right-hander Henry Williamson, who I had never heard of.

Felix hit .241/.312/.325 in 93 PA last year for the Cubs (.290 wOBA, 85 wOBA+). He is a very good defensive outfielder with some glowing scouting reports, but I am very wary that he could turn into the next Corey Patterson. To start out, I'm projecting him at

450 111 24 4 9 33 .267 .322 .409 .323

I'm thinking that Pie plays (mostly) left - giving the team one of the best defensive outfields in baseball - with Luke Scott DH'ing and Aubrey Huff playing first, or the other way around if Scott can show he can handle the position. This does leave Nolan Reimold in the cold, as he's hit very well at Double-A but is already 25 years old and doesn't seem to have a place with the team anymore.

I imagine that Andy MacPhail has something else in the works as a complement to this move, and so I'll wait to give a final judgment until we see what happens. I'm cautiously optimistic that it's a plus right now.

So, what kind of role do you expect Pie to play on the time? And how well will he hit in his new home?


Heath said...

RE: Nolan Reimold...if Pie indeed pans out, Reimold could be moved to first base. The organization has no other serious prospects at first base, at least not as developed with the bat as Reimold is.

But if they can trade him for some pitching...

FrostKing said...

That's a good point, but given the team's handling of Reimold thus far I find such a scenario doubtful. If he starts getting a few games at first down in the minors then I'll keep pulling for him to make it to the majors with the club, but my hunch is that he gets his first real chance for another team.

Certainly if they trade him for some pitching, then it's still a good use of the resource (assuming it's for a solid prospect).