Monday, March 2, 2009

One Year +

I guess I'm not the sentimental sort, since I completely forgot to post something at the one-year mark for this blog. (Well, sort of - the first post was on Feb. 29th, so I've got three more years until that comes around.) The closest thing I had was the post about the Orioles signing Adam Eaton - hazzah!

I've really enjoyed doing this for the past year. It encouraged me to learn more about baseball than I otherwise would have, and I made some connections with other O's fans that I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to. I'd like to say I've become a better writer, but in sticking with the general style here I'd say that any improvements are not very significant.

Thanks for checking in and giving me enough reassurances to keep going. I'll try to keep it going for as long as I can (I believe my initial estimate was two months), and hopefully one day soon I'll be able to say "oh, I was around way back when the O's were still a losing organization."

It's kind of ironic that one year is the "paper" anniversary, given that blogs like this one (well, not exactly like this one) are taking the place of the traditional "paper" format of sports sections and magazines. Lets go for cotton!

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