Monday, March 2, 2009

O's Sign World Champion

Because there weren't already enough pitchers in camp (even with some of the injuries), the Orioles have signed recently released (by the Phillies) right-handed pitcher Adam Eaton to a minor-league deal. Even if he makes the club, Eaton would only get $0.4 M, so this is a no-risk, low-reward type move.

Some quick Eaton stats: 68-63, 5.80 ERA last year (4.80 career), 5.29 FIP (4.70), 6.04 tRA (that's a 73 tRA+), 4.8 K/9 in 2008 (6.53 career), 3.7 BB/9 (3.35), 1.26 HR/9 (1.25).

His velocity has fallen almost a full mph two years in a row, and I think it's pretty safe to say that he has #5 starter upside for the O's. Considering the build-up of pitchers at Double-A and Triple-A, I don't know that Eaton even provides that much minor-league depth - but hey, the price was definitely right.

I won't rag on Eaton too much, as he was part of one of the more lop-sided trades in recent years (and guess which side he was on?). The Rangers acquired Eaton along with reliever Akinori Otsuka from San Diego in return for 6'10" right-hander Chris Young and former-top-prospect-turned-all-around-very-good first-baseman Adrian Gonzalez (and Terrmel Sledge, who has a cool name but hasn't done much in the majors). Not one of Jon Daniels' best moments, though he's largely made up for it since then.

So welcome to Adam Eaton - you're probably not the worst guy trying to make the team. Maybe.

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