Monday, July 21, 2008

Brew Crew Really Going For It

The Brewers kept their push for the play-offs going by acquiring second-baseman Ray Durham from the Giants for a couple of minor-leaguers.

The Brewers got:

Ray Durham, 37 year-old 2B, was hitting 293 / 385 / 414 this year. The switch-hitter isn’t a great fielder, but then again, neither is the guy he’ll be replacing in the line-up (Rickie Weeks and his 216 / 326 / 365 line).

The Giants got:

Darren Ford, 22 year-old OF, was hitting 230 / 322 / 303 in A-ball this year, with 48 steals in 59 attempts.

Steve Hammond, 26 year-old LHP, 0-4 this year, with a 7.41 ERA and a 1.71 WHIP in Triple-A, after going 7-4 with a 3.45 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP in Double-A.

The Brewers don’t give up much of value - Ford is really fast and a good defender, but he’s probably limited to being a 4th outfielder at best, and Hammond may not even be a back-of-the-rotation starter, though long-man isn’t out of the question – and get a definite (current) upgrade at second. The Giants save some money and get rid of a guy they have no use for. It’s really a win-win, but the potential reward for Milwaukee is higher.

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