Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gibby's Back

In an act that probably makes Barry Bonds pretty angry, the Milwaukee Brewers have signed Jay Gibbons to a minor league contract.
"The 31-year old Gibbons met with assistant general manager Gord Ash and special assistant Jack Zduriencik at the All-Star Game to interview for a contract. And with some injuries hitting Huntsville's roster, Gibbons was a good enough fit after hitting .280 with five home runs in 27 games for the independent Atlantic League's Long Island Ducks.

Gibbons, a career .260 hitter in seven seasons with Baltimore, was named in the Mitchell Report and admitted to using human growth hormone, and he later wrote letters to 29 teams to apologize for his mistake.

"He was just a guy that we looked at, a left-handed bat," general manager Doug Melvin said. "Gord's familiar with him from Toronto. He's come across as a guy that wants to get back and playing. I don't even know exactly what his issues were, but they weren't anything serious enough to not give a guy a second chance.""
Be bad at baseball, take PEDs, and not be a jerk - you get a contract. Take steroids and be a jerk, but have the potential to actually improve a team by 3 wins or so? You sit at home. The Brewers aren't in need of a guy like Bonds (the positions he plays are taken) but that last part that Melvin said would have irked me if I was in his (Barry's) position. Oh well. That Gibbons might actually get to the postseason this year is kind of upsetting to me, but I don't hate the guy or anything and wish him luck in putting his career back together.

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