Friday, July 4, 2008

Homer, Ozzie And The Straw...

Jose Canseco has fallen pretty far.
"Santa Monica Barney's Beanery had a ringer for its softball tournament against the chain's four other stores June 23 at the Field of Dreams: retired major league baseball slugger Jose Canseco.

"[Santa Monica manager] Jonah Dumont told the other teams ahead of time that he had a last-minute hire whose name is Jose," joked Barney's owner, Palisadian David Houston. "Jose was really nice for coming out and playing with us . . ."

. . . Canseco crushed several home runs during the one-day tournament, one of which cleared the opposite field and landed in the parking lot over 350 feet away."
You know, Jay Gibbons was willing to play baseball for free... I think he likes Baltimore, and could probably put up a .500/.600/.800 line (at least!) for our softball team. Something to consider for next year.

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