Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where I Stand

I hadn't heard of WhereIStand before, but it did a neat little thing:

"Before the 2008 MLB season began, members and researchers tracked predictions of 42 sports media personalities for which teams they picked to win each respective division. Three months into the regular season, we’ve determined their accuracy, by rank, based on the standings as of July 1...

Scores were based on team standings as of Wednesday, July 1. Picks for a first place team were worth 12 points; points for second, third, fourth and fifth place teams were estimated on a sliding scale of depreciating value based on how many games back they were on July 1. The rankings above are based on the accumulative scores of each team per division that a person or media organization picked"

Where I stand:
5 points for picking the Yankees in the AL East (they were in third)
1 point for picking the Indians in the AL Central (last)
12 points for picking the Angels in the AL West (first)
8 points for picking the Mets in the NL East (third)
12 points for picking the CUbs in the NL Central (first)
12 points for picking the D'Backs in the NL West (first)

50 points total, which would tie Jonah Keri for 19th out of the 42.
Sean McAdam and Jason McIntyre each have 64 points (both picked Red Sox, Tigers, Angels, Phillies, Cubs, Dbacks) for the lead, and Buster Olney, Bill Madden, and Mike Greenberg are bringing up the rear with 33 points (all three picked the Mariners to win the AL West, and received no points for that one).

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