Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seattle Did Something Right

The Mariners finally started their rebuilding (reloading?), while the Marlins, unable to get an impact player (MannyBeingManny, for example), just picked up that lefty reliever they've been after.

Florida got:

Arthur Rhodes, 38 year-old LHRP, 2.86 ERA in 22 IP this year, with 26 K's, 13 BB's and a 1.36 WHIP.

Seattle got:

Gaby Hernandez, 22 year-old RHP, 7.24 ERA in 64.2 IP in Triple-A this year, with 54 K's, 26 BB's, and a 1.86 WHIP before being demoted to Double-A (4.30 ERA, 1.09 WHIP there).

Rhodes has been very effective as a LOOGY, holding lefties to a .195/.327/.244 line this year. Hernandez was hurt part of the year and has struggled, but he's still young and has three quality pitches. The deal is fine for Florida, but I especially like it for Seattle. They have no use for Rhodes, and turned him into a a cheap and potentially effective starter. Good job Mariners? (I'm sorry, but it's hard to say that definitively this season.)

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