Saturday, May 3, 2008

#2 To #4 To Bullpen To Minors

Rich Hill (11-8, 3.92 ERA, 183 K's to 63 walks in 195 innings last year - a solid #3 starter with a chance for more) has been demoted to AAA by the Chicago Cubs (a team that, presumably, wants to get to the playoffs). Hill is having a rough start to 2008 (18 walks in 19.2 IP) but still has 15 K's and a 4.12 ERA. He isn't some young prospect - he's a 27 year-old established pitcher. The Cubs have called up 22 year-old Sean Gallagher (3.10 ERA, 30 K's to 9 BB in 29 IP in AAA this year) to take his spot.

I am very surprised by the move. Considering his only real problem is the walks, I don't see any reason to make such a decision after only 19 innings. If the Cubs are this low on Hill, then it seems that there's an opportunity for another team to come in and make a steal of a trade.

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