Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's A Start

From BaseballProspectus' Weekly Quotes article:

"I've changed my mind about them. … I don't think they're going to be historically bad anymore."
--Anonymous AL executive, on the Baltimore Orioles

Baby-steps, people, baby-steps. With the way 2005 started (first place) and ended (fourth) it'll take a while before the Orioles gain back some credibility as an organization. They're moving in the right direction though. Also, I want to know what AL executive actually thought that this O's team would be "historically bad" - that's a ridiculous claim now, and it was just as ridiculous a month ago. Bad, maybe (say, 100 losses), but unless you're in the 110+ range I don't think it's particularly historic. With the parity present in the league nowadays (and it's somewhat there), it's very difficult for a team to lose that many games based on merit.

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