Thursday, May 8, 2008

Win Shares A' Plenty (Well, Not Literally)

The Hardball Times has Win Shares up for 2008 now, which I have anxiously been waiting for.

Let's take a look at the O's (total Win Shares and Win Shares Above Bench are rounded)

Ramon Hernandez: 2 total WS, 0 WSAB - it's mostly on defense though, as he has contributed just 0.6 WS of offense

Kevin Millar: 2 WS, -1 WSAB - he's a fine complementary player, but isn't a first baseman by any stretch (though he can pick it over there despite his poor range; 0.9 WS)

Brian Roberts: 4 WS, 2 WSAB - he's hitting well (3.8 WS) but it's down from last year, as is his defense (0.7 WS)

Melvin Mora: 5 WS, 2 WSAB - Melvin is having a "good" year so far, combining his improved defense from last year (1.6 WS - best in the infield) with offense up between '06 and '07 (3 WS)

Luis Hernandez: 0 WS, -1 WSAB - his defense hasn't been anything to write home about (0.6 WS) but it's all that keeps him from being an actual hindrance to the team (-0.3 WS of offense). Say it with me now...AL-EX CIN-TRON (or Freddie Bynum - I don't care at this point).

Luke Scott: 3 WS, 2 WSAB - he's been pretty good at the plate (2.7 WS) and is helping out in the field (0.8 WS)

Adam Jones: 3 WS, 0 WSAB - his offense leaves a little to be desired (1.1 WS), but he can cover some ground in center (1.7 WS)

Nick Markakis: 4 WS, 2 WSAB - I expected Nick to be higher (thought there is some rounding problems here) but he is second to Roberts on offense (3.5 WS) and is combining with Scott and Jones to form a good defensive outfield (1.1 WS)

Aubrey Huff: 4 WS, 2 WSAB - Huff is tied with Markakis with 3.5 WS on offense

Jeremy Guthrie: 2 WS, 1 WSAB - after a good year last year (14 WS of pitching), Guthrie has come down a ways

Daniel Cabrera: 3 WS, 2 WSAB - Daniel is on pace to easily set his career high in the categry (it's 8)

Brian Burress: 3 WS, 2 WSAB - he's already exceeded his WS from all of last year

Matt Albers: 3 WS, 2 WSAB - for those scoring at home, it's currently Astros with 8 WS (Tejada has 6.9 WS with the bat so far, and 1.6 with the glove; thats a full WS ahead of the Pelican on defense), O's with 6 (so far from Scott and Albers)

Adam Loewen: -1 WS, -2 WSAB - man was he bad; hopefully he can heal up and help the team

Steve Trachsel: -1 WS, -2 WSAB - this really would be a case of addition by subtraction, as it's worse than it actually looks with -1.6 pitching WS (worst on the team)

Jim Johnson: 3 WS, 2 WSAB - he's been an extremely pleasant surprise thus far out of the pen

Jamie Walker: 1 WS, 0 WSAB - some lefty specialist he turned out to be

Chad Bradford: 2 WS, 2 WSAB - he'll give up those singles through the infield, but he's pitched well this year

Randor Bierd: 1 WS, 1 WSAB - Yaye, Randor!

Dennis Sarfate: 1 WS, 1 WSAB - that makes it 'Stros 8, O's 7. At least the Orioles are saving millions of dollars.

George Sherrill: 1 WS, 0 WSAB - for the other big trade, it's M's 3, O's 4 so far, though Bedard has pitched very well despite missing some time

So that's it - no O's players has been more than 2 Win Shares Above Bench. Chase Utley, by comparison, has been 7 WSAB by himself (or 1 more than the total for the eight O's position players). The pitching has been solid, if unspectacular, except for the injured Loewen and the soon to be retired Trachsel. Number of Orioles to be beat out by pitcher Micah Owings on offense (1.5 WS)? That would be four, or just under half of the starting line-up. Time to get it together, guys.

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