Wednesday, May 28, 2008

O's Beat The Last Place Yankees

That game was amazing. It calls for two things.

(1) A look at the win probability over the course of the game:

The Yanks were in good positions throughout the game, but that upward sloping line at the end is all that matters.

Individually, Damon has the player of the game (.519 Win Probability Added) while A-Rod, despite the HR, was Choke-Rod in this one (-.343 WPA). It's cool, because Nick was almost as bad (-.331 WPA). Aubrey Huff (.391 WPA) and Kevin Millar (.255 WPA) came up big for the O's.


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Mark said...

You're missing the obvious nickname on Chamberlain. Joba the Hutt! And you'll never forget how to say his name again.