Friday, May 9, 2008

Props To Heath For The PrOPS

When looking at the O's offense, you know what would have been easier than using the LD% and BABIP and all that? Just using the Predicted BA, OBP, and SLG that the Hardball Times calculates themselves. That's exactly what Dempsey's Army did. Smart guy over there.
"           Actual Batting Line      PrOPS Batting Line
Roberts     .263/.353/.421           .288/.374/.432
Mora .257/.306/.412 .284/.330/.441
Markakis .270/.395/.451 .290/.409/.510
Millar .224/.315/.344 .274/.358/.438
Huff .266/.341/.452 .265/.337/.450
Scott .286/.366/.418 .252/.337/.353
Jones .231/.272/.359 .250/.291/.370
R.Hernandez .202/.234/.364 .302/.330/.465
L.Hernandez .243/.304/.257 .276/.336/.340

So far, only Aubrey Huff is hitting about what he should be
hitting based on the batted ball data. Adam Jones is close
but he should have slightly better results at this point.

Luke Scott is the only player who seems to be destined for
a correction down. Indeed, that may be what this slump Luke's
been in actually is, a correction to the kind of numbers he
will actually put up.

Everyone else is underperforming their PrOPS scores. It can't
last. There is going to be some upswing in the offense barring
an injury. Again, look for Ramon Hernandez, Kevin Millar,
Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis to come out of this funk pretty
soon with modest increases from Melvin Mora and Luis Hernandez."
So yeah, they've been unlucky on offense.

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Heath said...

Thanks for the heads up on te Fahey/Bynum error. I am a terrible proofreader and always appreciate an assist.