Sunday, June 1, 2008

At Least OPS Is Easy To Spell

Sabermetrics isn't just becoming mainstream in baseball, it's becoming mainstream in general. A commenter at USSMariner left this:
"Hi, very infrequent commenter here (Isaac is my screen name). We’re liveblogging the spelling bee over at I wouldn’t bother you with this except that 11-year-old Karen Laska of Wheeling, West Virginia just correctly spelled “sabermetrics” in the first oral round, thus outdoing the entirety of the Mariners front-office staff."
mkd then left this dramatization of a mock spelling bee:
"Moderator: OK Billy, your word is “Sabermetric”

Little Billy Bavasi: Sabermetric, c-h-e-m-i-s-t-r-y, Sabermetric

Moderator: No I’m sorry that is incorrect, please leave the stage- Johnny, the word is “Sabermetric”

Little Johnny MacLaren: Sabermetric, m-i-g-u-e-l-c-a-i-r-o, Sabermetric.

Moderator: No I’m sorry that is really really incorrect- Theo, the word is still “Sabermetric”

Little Theo Epstein: Sabermetric, t-w-o-w-o-r-l-d-s-e-r-i-e-s-r-i-n-g-s, Sabermetric.

Moderator: Congratulations! According to our judges that is an acceptable alternate spelling.

Little Theo Epstein: Hooray!

Mariner fans everywhere: Competency, p-a-u-l-d-e-p-o-d-e-s-t-a, Competency"
That is funny stuff, and makes me thankful to have Andy MacPhail in the O's front office. He may not be Billy Beane or Mark Shapiro, but he's still a few steps above the Bavasi's and Sabean's of the world.

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