Friday, June 6, 2008

Draft Recap (O's)

The picks (first 20 rounds):

1: Brian Matusz, LHSP, San Diego
2: Xavier Avery, OF, High School
3: Jerome Hoes, 2B, High School
4: Kyle Hudson, OF, Illinois
5: Greg Miclat, SS, Virginia
6: Richard Zagone, LHSP, Missouri
7: Caleb Joseph, C, Lipscomb.
8: Robert Bundy, RHSP, High School
9: Nicholas Haughian, LHSP, Washington
10: Christopher Herrmann, 3B, Alcin CC
11: Nathan Moreau, LHSP, Georgia
12: Jason Rook, OF, Appalachian St
13: Corey Thomas, 3B, High School
14: Jesse Beal, RHSP, High School
15: Jason Gurka, LHSP, Angelina Coll
16: Robert Stevens, SS, Northern Illinois
17: Brian Conley, OF, Towson
18: Keith Landers, LHSP, High School
19: Jarret Martin, LHSP, High School
20: Ronnie Welty, OF, CC

Pitchers: 9; 5 College, 4 High School; 2 RH, 7 LH
Other than Matusz, the high school pitchers are the better prospects I would say. Matusz, Bundy, Landers, and Martin would be a pretty good haul, with three of them being lefties.

Hitters: 11; 8 College, 3 High School; 1 C, 1 2B, 2 3B, 2 SS, 5 OF
That more position players were picked, but the pitching side still has the better upside is disappointing. Avery might have been a reach, but might turn into an exciting player. Same thing for Hoes. I like the Thomas pick as it is, but that is about it. I think he passed on a lot of chances to take some quality hitters.

At first blush, I'd give this draft a B-, contingent on them signing the better players. For every big arm that goes to college instead, I think I might knock the score a level (C+ to C to C-). The success of this draft will likely ride on Brian Matusz's left arm.

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