Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey, It's Dusty

I haven't poked fun at Dusty Baker in a while, and it is one of my favorite pastimes. When talking about moving Joey Votto (278 / 348 / 483) up in the order from the seven spot, he said:
“I pulled some stats on Joey and he is hitting better seventh than anywhere,” Baker added. “He is hitting .333 in the seventh hole. .186 in the six-hole, .267 in the five-hole and .154 in the four-hole. So maybe he might not quite be ready to move up in the order like we all want him too.”
At bats: 4th - 13, 5th - 30, 6th - 43, 7th - 123. (Issue 1) He's using batting average (Issue 2) with very small sample sizes. Batting 5th, Votto actually has a 1.105 OPS, compared to .894 in the seven-hole. Heck, he's hitting .333 (1.051 OPS) in 12 at bats form the ninth spot. At least he finally realized that "Corey (Patterson) wasn’t getting on base" and so he got him out of the lead-off spot.

At 33-40, the Reds are in last place in the NL Central, 12.5 back of the Cubbies.

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