Friday, June 20, 2008

From A Grilled Cheese Sandwich To Your Dreams

Josh Hamilton is crushing the ball for Texas, and he is going to begin seriously negotiating a long-term contract with the team in the very near future. He's in for a big payday, and so one would assume that his agent - the guy who supported him in his return to baseball in Cincinnati and set the groundwork for the deal with the Rangers - should be very pleased. Well, that's not exactly the case. Without going into the specifics (It Is About The Money, Stupid was some great stuff about the situation), Hamilton has fired his agent (who is Jewish, and seems hurt on a personal level by this). The reasoning behind the decision was basically "I had a dream where Jesus told me to switch agents." That, too me (and I'm not trying to insult anyone's religion), is ridiculous. It also seems to be - ironically - a pretty un-Christian thing to do. I assume that his former agent will still be compensated for the work he has done on the impending contract, but I don't think it will make him feel any less insulted.

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