Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Dreary Pacific North-West

I liked the Junior Griffey, A-Rod, Edgar Martinez Mariners, but I still hope the 2008 version losses a ton of games. They are a major league worst 21-39, and well on their way. The very good USSMariner isn't exactly optimistic about the team's chances to turn things around:
"In the three game series that just ended:

Vladimir Guerrero didn’t have an at-bat
Chone Figgins didn’t have an at-bat
Erick Aybar didn’t have an at-bat
John Lackey didn’t pitch
Kelvim Escobar didn’t pitch

The Angels swept the Mariners in Seattle without their All-Star #1 starter, their All-Star #2 starter, their All-Star right fielder, their starting third baseman, and their starting shortstop.

If you took Felix, Bedard, Ichiro, Beltre, and Betancourt off this team and sent them to go play another major league franchise, they’d lose 104-3. The Angels just played a series without their equivalents to those five guys and swept the Mariners at home.

If you need more evidence that the people who put this team together deserve to be fired, you don’t deserve to be making that decision."
Wow. If the O's lost Guthire, Cabrera, Markakis, Roberts, and let's say Mora, then they wouldn't be able to beat anybody. That such a team could could sweep the Mariners is pretty sad.

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