Tuesday, June 17, 2008

That "Dumbass" Has A Wicked Curveball

It sounds like Erik Bedard isn't too popular in Seattle. The trade that brought him over was supposed to catapult the Mariners into the playoffs, but instead it just helped get the GM fired. One of the main reasons is Bedard's stamina - he tires after throwing around 100 pitches.
"I asked Bavasi on Monday about Bedard's pitch-count threshold. After bouncing between defending and explaining Bedard, the axed GM — clearly exasperated — said I needed to ask the pitcher.

"You gotta ask him," Bavasi said. "You gotta ask him. Good luck. And he's gonna have some stupid answer, some dumbass answer."

Bavasi went on to marvel over Bedard's talent, to soften the insult, but he made his point. His great acquisition had turned into a great headache.

At least Bedard is no longer his problem. Sometimes, there is an upside to getting fired." - Jerry Brewer, Seattle Times reporter
I actually like the way Bedard deals with the media - I find it very entertaining. The press should be thankful in a way, as his "unfriendliness" gives them about as much to write about as they'd have if he just gave them the usual sports cliches.

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