Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things Aren't Great In NY Right Now

It's been in the making for weeks now, but Willie Randolph was finally fired by the Mets in ridiculous fashion. The team flew out west to play the Angels, and after the they won the game, Randolph was fired at 3 am EST. The players found out via text messages from the media. The thinking was that doing it at that time would keep it quieter, since it was after the day's stories were done. In any case, this move was deserved, but handled extremely poorly by the Mets. All of Willie's managerial problems aside, he definitely didn't deserve to be let go this way. A lot of Mets fans are embarrassed by the news. Also, firing pitching coach Rock Peterson isn't likely to help the team - the guy is good at his job. His comments afterwards make the Mets look even worse:
"I appreciated the opportunity (the Wilpons) gave me," Peterson said. "They welcomed me into their home, and sometimes homes go through renovations... I am the hardwood floor that is being ripped out and replaced with Tuscany tile. Hopefully, the Tuscany tile will do better than the hardwood tile... I am walking out of here in peace."

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