Monday, June 2, 2008

He Must Have Interviewed Really Well

Example number 541,337 of someone in a position of authority within a major league baseball team saying something that doesn't make any sense.
"“That’s a good play,” Cooper said of Berkman’s decision to bunt with the third baseman playing him deep. “That’s a baseball player’s play. It’s a nice job. We need baserunners. If you hit a ball out of a ballpark, I call them rally-killers when you get down like that. We need to keep a rally going, and that was a nice play to me.”"
Houston was down 5-1 at that point, and would go on to lose by that same score. I'm not saying it was a bad play by Berkman to take a single when presented with it, but I have to think that if given the choice he would have gladly accepted the home run. 5-3 and none on, or 5-1 and two on? Really, you want the latter? Is that your final answer (yaye pop culture references)? You know, I never understood why someone would prefer a single to a HR when his team was batting (so as to keep the rally going) but would intentionally walk an opposing batter for fear of him hitting a HR in the same type of situation. Shouldn't he prefer the "rally-killing" homer? This make sense to anyone else?

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