Friday, June 27, 2008

Who's Between Second And Third?

Ken Rosenthal has some O's trade rumors:
"The Orioles, desperately seeking a shortstop, have engaged in substantive conversations with the Nationals about a trade for infielder Felipe Lopez, according to major league sources.

The Nationals reportedly are close to signing shortstop Cristian Guzman to a two-year contract extension for an unknown dollar amount and are unlikely to retain Lopez as a free agent after this season.

In return for Lopez, the Nationals likely would receive a marginal minor-league prospect.

The Orioles have been looking for help at shortstop ever since trading Miguel Tejada to the Astros last off-season.

Lopez is hitting .247 with 25 runs and 20 RBI.

If a deal is completed, it likely would not be announced until after the completion of the Orioles-Nationals series this weekend in Washington, sources say."
Really? The O's think Felipe Lopez will solve their shortstop problems? The guy is hitting 247 / 321 / 331. His EqA is .232, and his career high (three years ago) is just .286. He has a negative VORP (-0.6). Oh, and his defense is not good. He's -2 Win Shares Above Bench this year, and was -2 last year. Compare that to Alex Cintron, who's hitting 268 / 293 / 357 with a .221 EqA, a and 0 WSAB. He plays worse defense. Yes, Lopez is better, but the upgrade isn't worth $4 million (well, $2 million for the rest of the year). And it's certainly not worth anyone who could ever sniff the majors.

If I'm AM, then shortstop is a necessity as part of the veteran trades I make before the deadline (Bradford, Walker, Sherrill, Roberts, etc.) - maybe more than one SS.

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