Friday, April 4, 2008

(1) Don't Swing At Every First Pitch...

Rick Dempsey's Keys To The Game (Approximately):
(1) Stop Ichiro (Really? Stop the other teams best hitter? I don't know - it sounds crazy but it just might work.)
(2) Handle Lefty (So do well offensively against the other team's starter, who's left-handed. I thought the team was going to try to not do well, but I guess you're right, handling him is probably the better bet.)
(3) Trachsel Go Deep (Have the O's starter pitch deep into the game - thus implying that he isn't getting shelled. I was going to suggest Trembley have every pitcher on the staff get one out, and then bring in Guillermo Quiroz to finish the game.)

It's still better than some of the Keys To The Game I saw during last year's play-offs that were basically (1) Win the game (2) Don't lose the game (3) Be better than the other team.

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