Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wait, He Used To Be On Our Team?

This story was written after the Brewers beat the Giants 13-4. The part I found most amusing was:
"Mostly, the Giants were left to admire Brewers starter Carlos Villanueva, who originally came through the San Francisco organization but went to Milwaukee in the 2004 trade that netted pitcher Wayne Franklin. There is a story here in Cheeseland that when the Brewers asked for Villanueva in the deal, Giants general manager Brian Sabean did not know who he was."
It actually wouldn't surprise me at all if that was true. Why would Sabean know who Villanueva was - he isn't a 36 year-old light-hitting overpaid outfielder. It'll be a while until the Giants are back atop the NL West.

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