Friday, April 4, 2008

O's-M's, Part One (Let's Go Wap 'Em!)

It's time for the O's-M's game (weather permitting). Since I want the Orioles to win (obviously) but also for the Mariners to lose a lot this is a series I'm very invested in. I'm happy that I get to see the first three O's games on TV - hopefully they'll keep being on.

We've got Steve Trachsel (yuck) going against Jarrod Washburn (at least we've got a shot). Jay Payton is playing in place of Luke Scott - it's not only for the lefty-righty match-up but because Payton is 8-20 against Washburn with a home run and 5 doubles (he's never faced Scott). Washburn had a 4.32 ERA last year and he was lucky for it to be that low. I think it'll be over 4.50 this year.

Gary Thorne says Ichiro is "4 for 12 already". He's actually a career .333 hitter so that is exactly where you would expect him to be.

Trachsel gets him to pop up on the first pitch. Jose Lopez and his .284 OBP from last year is batting second. He bloops a single between the two back-ups into short left field.

Wow, Gary Thorne actually acknowledged that the M's may not be as good as their 88 wins last year since they were outscored.

Ibanez flies out to Nick to bring up Richie Sexson (1-11 and 4 K's on the year). They guy still has some talent, but I think he's done as an impact players (he does have a career OPS+ of 121). Nice change-up has Sexson out in front for strike two. Lopez steals second and moves to third as the throw from Ramon goes into center, but it doesn't matter as Trax strikes out Sexson. Make it 1-12 with 5 K's.

B-Rob is out number one, but Mora (well, his uniform) gets hit by the pitch.
KAKES! Gets caught looking on a great curveball right on (or just off) the outside corner. That's Nick's first K of the year. Millar pokes one through the right side of the infield. I assume that was by accident. Huff is being patient as he gets ahead 3-1. I thought that Huff's walk rate would go up a tick this year. Washburn has a good breaking-ball to lefties as he uses it to strike out Huff. Didn't hear any boo's at least.

Great play by Melvin Mora on a hard shot down the line by Adrian Beltre. A walk to Brad Wilkerson is all the M's get in the second.

Great try by Jose Lopez at second to catch the ricochet off Sexson's glove, but Payton legs out an infield single. Lined shot up the middle by Ramon Hernandez (first of the season) puts two on for Adam Jones. Jones doesn't look great swinging the bat, but he is able to hit a slow grounder to second that gets Payton to third with one out for the Pelican (Luis Hernandez).

Palmer: "It's a situational hitting situation" and a huge understatement: Luis "doesn't have a lot of power".

I've made a great deal of fun at Pelican's expense, but it seems that he knows he can't hit and so he's been working the count a little bit. Luis does his job and hits a sac fly to center, 1-0 O's.

Brian Roberts does a good job working the count and draws a walk.

This is good to hear: Palmer and Thorne are talking about how MacPahil is trying to boost the team's OBP and that the best teams have high OBPs. Thorne said that that was what Moneyball was about, but I'll forgive that if they are actually agreeing with the OBP idea instead of attacking it.

Mora grounds out to end the inning, but the O's have the lead.

Time to take a quick break to check in on the days completed games.

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