Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nix Out, Roberts In?

The Colorado Rockies have designated second baseman Jayson Nix for assignment. Nix is hitting just .111/.216/.133 and has an amazing -7 OPS+ (even KCR SS Tony Pena is at 3). Nix hit just .292/.342/.451 in AAA in a pretty good offensive environment, but he does have a very good glove. If Andy MacPhail is willing to look into it (and I'm confident he is) this could provide a good situation for a Brian Roberts trade. With the Diamondbacks way ahead in the NL West and the Rockies expecting to compete this year, they may be pressed to make a deal. Perhaps blocked (and slightly old) first baseman Joe Koshansky (.324/.446/.632 this year, .295/.380/.490 last year in AAA), potentially blocked (if Garrett Atkins is signed) third baseman Ian Stewart (.289/.382/.618 this year, .304/.379/.478 last year in AAA), and blocked shortstop Chris Nelson (.274/.304/.393 this year in AA, .289/.358/.503 in A+ last year) would be involved. That would be quite a coup for the O's and if they sent Nix along, the O's could reload entire infield in one deal (though I imagine they would have to send a pitcher or something along with Roberts to make the deal work - maybe they could use their large budget and pay the rest of Roberts' contract to appease the Rockies). Something to keep your eye on.

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