Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crow Almost Sets Record

I was reading a preview of the 2008 amateur draft by the BaseballAnalysts, and when discussing Missouri right-handed pitcher Aaron Crow, they mentioned that he had a streak of 42 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings. That's very impressive, but what the really interesting part to me was who actually holds the NCAA Div. I record. It's none other than Rockies slugger Todd Helton, with 47 2/3 IP. Helton also played football at Tennesee; quarterback, where he was replaced (due to injury) by a certain 6'5" quarterback with a rocket, laser arm. I knew Helton could hit, but I didn't know he was such a great all-around athlete. Actually, it does make sense when considering his excellent defensive skills. Also, the second longest streak belongs to former Oriole Ben McDonald. The next two guys ahead of Crow, I've never heard of (Pat Vindette and Eddie Bane).

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