Sunday, April 13, 2008

O's-Rays, Wrap-Up

The Orioles ended up losing 6-2. Brian Burres showed some flashes of promise, but his control was lacking and it finally caught up to him. The O's offense couldn't take advantage of two bases-loaded opportunities, and ended up getting just one run in those two situations (a Markakis walk). Nick drove in both runs for the team, with the other being a solo home run to deep left-center field. He got a fastball away and drove it to the opposite field. If Markakis can show that kind of power the other way on a consistent bases, then he'll get better pitches to hit as they try to work him inside again.

All-in-all it was a disappointing road-trip. The O's went 2-4, and lost both series. Hopefully they can get back to the winning ways on their home-stand.

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