Sunday, April 6, 2008

O's-M's, Orioles Magic (Feel it Happen)

This was so awesome it deserved its own post.

With some lefties coming up, O'Flaherty does come in. The way Felix was pitching, I could care less about the platoon advantage if I'm the O's - I'm still happy. And that's why, as Markakis lines a double down the third base line to start the inning. How exciting would this win be, if they can come back?

Hard-throwing Mark Lowe is working in the pen for Seattle as O'Flaherty is missing out of the zone more and more with each pitch to Millar. Kevin chases what would have been ball four and grounds to short - Kakes moves to third with one out.

Huff falls behind 0-2 and grounds to second for the second out. Markakis scores to make it 2-1 with Luke Scott coming up.

Scott has his second straight three-hit game as he singles to right - I said that the O's didn't lose much offense with the Tejada trade. Adam Jones pinch runs for him, and Mark Lowe is coming in to face Jay Payton.

Payton hits one just under the glove of Jose Lopez and Jones goes to third.

The tying run is 90 feet away for Ramon Hernandez. Lowe falls behind 3-1. And ball four bounces away from the catcher! Jones comes in to score to tie the game! I'm feeling that Orioles Magic! The Pelican is coming up with a chance to win the game. It would be a great time for his first hit of the season.

And it is! Luis Hernandez works back from an 0-2 hole and lines a single to center! Jay Payton comes in to score! O's Win! O's WIN! The Pelican comes through! [And I'm sticking to that nickname until he has an 0-30 streak at the plate.]

That's four straight, including three over the "contending" Mariners. I knew I had a good feeling when they took Felix out. Wow, I'm extremely excited. How about them O's? A 3-2 win (I got the three right, but I'm glad I was over on the Mariners' runs), and the team is 4-1. It's only five games, but I'm feeling good about this team. Not 90 win good (maybe 75-80?) but way better than a lot of other people did a week ago.

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