Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Hurt Feelings

Frank Thomas has been released by the Toronto Blue Jays. This comes shortly after the Big Hurt was informed that he would not be playing regularly anymore. He's hitting 167 / 306 / 333 this year with 3 HR, which is the stated reason for his benching and then release - he's not hitting well and the team doesn't want to wait for him to get it together. Of course they won't say it, but I think that another big factor in the decision was that 300 or so more plate appearances this year would have vested his $10 million option for 2009, and I'm pretty sure the Jays don't want that to happen. After the benching, Thomas did some complaining about the situation (probably rightfully so) and so the team cut ties with him. I just hope that he doesn't sign with the Mariners, as he would give that team an offensive boost. Thomas was worth around 4 wins last year, while M's DH Jose Vidro was at 3, so that should be a bump of around one win for the team this year. There is a big difference between 84 and 85 wins for me, so I'm hoping he goes anywhere else.

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