Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Danys Baez Doesn't Look So Bad Now

Remember when I said that Barry Zito was the highest paid back-of-the-rotation starter ever? Well, scratch that. He's the highest paid middle reliever ever. That's right, San Fransisco's $126 million man is heading to the pen after an atrocious 0-6 start.

A lot has been made of Zito's lost velocity - his fastball is sitting at 83 mph now, and it may by a byproduct of poor mechanics. Paul Nyman started to look at that at HardballTimes. His walk rate is way up (4.7 per nine) and is K rate has fallen off a cliff (3.5 per nine - down from 6.0 last year).

The Giants have to hope that Zito can get things figured out, because their pitching is the only thing keeping them competitive.

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