Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More On Moore In The Minors

I would like to apologize for second guessing Dave Trembley and Andy MacPhail on their decision to call up Jim Johnson at the expense of Scott Moore. Moore is being given the chance to start at shortstop at AAA, which is not something what could reasonably be expected at this point in the majors. I forgot for a second that this team (while they're trying to win every game) aren't playing for this year, so if they are a slightly worse club with Fahey on the roster instead of Moore, then it's OK. If Moore can survive at short (he did play there in college before being moved to third) then he would be a very valuable utility player. How many guys can back up all over the infield (and maybe some left field too) while hitting .260/.340/.450 ? Not a lot, but Moore has the skills to do that, and it's good to see that he is being allowed to develop them.

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