Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Hurt To The Good West Coast Team

Frank Thomas has (thankfully) signed a contract with the Oakland A's. Oakland is upgrading from Mike Sweeney/Jack Cust for the league minimum, and an offense that is near the bottom of the league in home runs should get a boost. As an extra added bonus, it keeps Thomas away from the rival Mariners, who likewise could have used his bat. While the A's are "rebuilding", they are currently playing very well and the weaknesses of the Angels (rotation depth), M's (bad offense), and Rangers (just bad) leave Oakland in a position to actually be somewhat competitive in the AL West. With a few lucky breaks, I could easily see them winning it with 86 or so victories - here's hoping. It would happen in the one year I don't pick them to do it.

The Thomas signing does raise an interesting question: why doesn't Barry Bonds have a job? They are similar players (old sluggers that have been considered "clubhouse cancers", though Bonds can play left once in a while and bats lefty - both advantages over Thomas) and yet Bonds hasn't even been offered a contract. Collusion? Perhaps, but it's not as if he doesn't deserve it - even though two wrongs don't make a right (though two Wrights do make a plane). If the M's miss the playoffs by a game while they have a DH with 4 home runs, then I would be pretty mad as a Seattle fan (if I was a Seattle fan). If they think they're a contender (implied by the Bedard trade) then they should put the best team on the field they can. That's not what they're doing, and I hope it continues.

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