Monday, March 10, 2008

America's Pastime & The Malk

What's better than Stephen Malkmus or Baseball?
Stephen Malkmus & Baseball. [
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It actually came as a surprise to me the depth of knowledge that the Malk has about the sport. I knew he was a sports fan, but the average baseball fan probably doesn't know who Corey Hart is. The man reads Rotoworld - how awesome is that?

"But anybody who is playing against the Red Sox and anyone who is playing against the Yankees is my team." That's what I like to hear.

Passing up Hanley Ramirez for Ben Sheets was a bad move, but he admitted as much. It's always nice when a "famous person" you're a fan of ends up being someone you'd like to hang out with. It would be cool to get Malkmus to play on the Actuary's softball team. I would gladly give up my spot on the bench for him.

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