Sunday, March 16, 2008

Markakis, Rollling

I sure hope Nick Markakis is going to stay an Oriole for a long time. It's always frustrating when a young player suddenly gets a big head (Ryan Howard) and gets as many headlines for his off-the-field activities (contract complaints) as his on-field exploits, so it's nice to see a talented guy who doesn't take things too seriously.

"The impromptu show started when Nick Markakis spotted a basketball and darted across the clubhouse to grab it. For the next five minutes, he effortlessly spun it on various objects, first on his index finger, then on the tongue of his team-issued belt and finally on the tip of a ballpoint pen.

By now, a small group of Orioles had gathered around Markakis, challenging the outfielder to do more. So Markakis, wearing only his white sliding shorts, picked up a chair, lifted it over his head and balanced it on his chin, holding the wobbly chair upright for about 10 seconds."

As long as he doesn't hurt himself, I think that this is pretty amusing, and kind of endearing - he's more regular guy than famous superstar.

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