Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day ("Extra Innings")

This Cubs-Brewers game is still scoreless into the eighth. Apparently, Big Z had a forearm cramp. I hope, for the Cub's sake, that he's OK.

Watching the Giants makes me feel better about the O's. As bad as Luis Hernandez is, it's nice to see that San Fransisco's staring shortstop was in single A last year.

The Nationals are putting up some runs against the Phillies. With four runs in the top of the ninth they now have a 11-6 lead. They go on to win by that score. The Nats are 2-0.

The ChiSox have come back to tie the Indians at seven. The Indians though, behind a a bases loaded double by Casey Blake go on to win 10-8 and tie KC for the Central lead.

Back to the Cuns - Ryan Theriot batting lead-off is still silly. Wow - Fukudome is two-for-two, while the rest of the team is 0-23 through the eighth. With Weeks on second and one out, the Cubs decide to intentionally walk Prince Fielder to get to Ryan Braun. And it comes back to bite them (as it often does) as Braunie singles to center to score Weeks. It's 1-0 Brewers. Corey Hart adds a two-run double, and goes to third on the throw home. It looks like the Brew Crew is going to take a lead in their race with the Cubs. [The Central is pretty much between those two teams.]
Unless, of course, Eric Gagne implodes. The first two runners have reached base. Wow. Kosuke Fukudome is having no trouble with American pitching as he hits a game tying three-run home run. He's three-for-three with a walk, and a triple away from the cycle. Felix Pie shows some power as he rockets one deep but foul, but Gagne gets out of the inning. It's time for extra frames again. Craig Counsel pinch-hits and doubles to lead off the 10th inning. Jason Kendall will probably bunt, and does. Runner on third with one down for Rickie Weeks. It'll be Gwynn coming up as Weeks gets hit with the pitch. A sac fly to center gives the Brewers a 4-3 lead. A single be Fielder sends Weeks to third. The Wrigley wind keeps Soto from catching a Ryan Braun pop-up. Ryan pops out to right instead. It'll be the top of the Cubs line-up in the bottom of the 10th. What a great game - a pitching duel early and some offense in tight spots late. And the Brewers do indeed hold on to win the first game of the season. Go Brew Crew!

The Giants are down 5-0 and actually get a baserunner. He is promptly picked off. James Loney steals second in the bottom of the eighth. The commentator said "Is 5 enough?" and to that I say "YES!!!". One is enough. The Giants offense looks really, really bad. It might as well be a 20-0 game, and if a guy stole a base in that situation he would be criticized by the media for being unsporting. I guess refusing to not steal with a five run lead because you think it's unsporting is itself unsporting. And the Giants go down in sad fashion, getting shut out on opening day.

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