Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day (Inning Seven)

Top of the Seventh:
*Carl Crawford golfs on into medium center field - Jones is there for the out.
*Pena hits a sharp grounder to first - Millar falls and gets it, and tosses to Albers for the out.
*A sharp curveball fouled off by Upton. He hits a slow roller in front of the catcher, who throws to first for the out.

[The Cubs-Brewers remains a pitcher's duel through five. Both teams have no runs and one hit.]

Bottom of the Seventh:
*Ramon lines the first pitch to the right fielder.
*Luke Scott gets jammed a little bit and pops out to third.
*Jones puts a good swing on the ball and hits a liner to deep right-center, but it's caught to end the inning.

[Tony Gwynn Jr. bloops a single to left, with Prince Fielder coming up. I thought that Zambrano threw harder - he's been 88-91. Fielder hits a monster shot foul. Fielder then gets jammed and grounds out. I'm excited to see Braunie next inning.]

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