Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day (Inning Nine)

Top of the ninth:
[It looks like Carlos Zambrano hurt his hand, and is leaving the game. That's a shame for the Cubs, as it looks like runs will be at a premium.]

*Brian Burres comes in for Matt Albers. Burres shows good movement on his curveball but falls behind 3-1 on Nathan Hayes (hitting for Navarro) who lines a double down the third-base line
*Bartlett grounds back to Burres, who looks back the runner before firing to first.
*Iwamura flies out to Scott in left.
*Crawford is first pitch swinging and grounds to Roberts.

Bottom of the Ninth:
[A one-out single by Fukudome results in Sheets being taken out of the game. This one will be decided by the bullpens, which gives the edge to the Cubs.

*KAKES! Slices the first pitch to left, but Crawford is on his horse and makes the catch.
*Millar also swings at the first pitch and pops out to first. It's like they just want the game to end.
*Aubrey Huff actually takes a ball before fouling a couple pitches off. Huff lines one down the line - Pena makes a great diving stop but Dan Wheeler can't hold on to the throw and Huff is on.
*Ramon Hernandez is up and trying to keep the Oriole Magic alive. I'm predicting a strike-out on a ball in the dirt or a groundout to short. I was wrong - it's a fly-out to left to end the game. The O's lose, 6-2. Eh. The Rays are the better team.

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