Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Pay $5 When You Can Pay $10 For Less Production?

Apparently, the Chicago White Sox waived 2B/SS Juan Uribe. That means that any team can claim him (and his $4.5 million contract) for nothing (well, $4.5 million). I've read that the Orioles are interested in him.

I don't understand this at all. Uribe is projected to hit about .249/.299/.420. Almost all of his offensive value is based on those home runs he hits to left field. The problem is, Orioles Park isn't quite as conducive to that as the Cell in Chicago. That means the O's would basically be paying him $4.5 million to be a quality defensive middle infielder.

Why didn't they just sign Adam Everett for $3 million to hit .240/.281/.330 and provide even better defense. Or (and I know this sounds crazy) have the Cubs include Eric Patterson in the anticipated Roberts trade. I have rarely heard his name mentioned, but it's pretty clear that the Cubs don't have a place for him so he could be added as a "throw-in". Then he could outhit either guy at .267/.335/.420 for the league minimum. I obviously don't know what is really going on in the trade talks, but if a trade is completed without Patterson coming over I will be both confused and a little upset.

I've also heard that the O's are interested in Houston's Mark Loretta. I wouldn't take him and his $2.75 million contract (and projected .268/.339/.357 line with below average defense) if the Astros gave him away.

[Note: Uribe was not actually waived, and Roberts was not actually traded.]

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